Thursday, November 29, 2007

P.K.O - The Good, The Bad, The Mafia

Good old gangsta shit from San Antonio, Texas.

Track List

1. Shoot Em Up
2. Niggaz In Tha Hood
3. Havin Thangz
4. Gonna Be Alright
5. LickShot
6. X Marks Da Spot
7. Redrum
8. Girlz Best Friend
9. Ridin High
10. Nino (Rox 2 Riches 2)
11. Old School
12. All Day Sunday
13. San Antonio

Sunday, September 23, 2007


This is UnderGround Kings first E.P release (1992). The tracks are straight up, no sugar coated fairy tales. I wouldn't play this album around any pregnant chicks, unless ya ready to be slapped up side ya head. Brotha Lynch rapped about pullin tampons out with his teeth, Bushwick Bill spit a few lyrics about fuckin dead bodies. But even those albums wont brace ya for the filth on this E.P.

-Track List-

1 Intro
2 Pregnant Pussy
3 Pusimental
4 Muthafucka Ain't Mine
5 Instumental


Faces of Death is the first underground album by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony (then known as B.O.N.E. Enterprise), released on Stoney Burke in 1993. It's outta print and rare as fuck to find. Soon after the release of Faces of Death, Flesh-n-Bone (the brother of Layzie Bone) was added to the group and they later signed to RuthLess Records. This is the rawest album they ever released, Long before they went commercial.

  1. Flow Motion
  2. Everyday Thang
  3. Intro
  4. Def Dick
  5. Sons of Assassins
  6. Hell Sent
  7. #1 Assassin
  8. We Be Fiendin'
  9. Bless Da 40 Oz.
  10. Ganksta Attatude

P.K.O - Armed And Dangerous


1. Armed & Dangerous
2. Goin' To Jail Is A Mutha Fucka
3. Life In The Ghetto
4. Money Mackin' Bitch
5. World Peace / World War
6. I'm Justa Youngsta
7. Pimps, Players, Hustlers & Hoes
8. U Gitz Nothin'
9. Radio Rhythm
10. Comin' Up With Dope (1990)
11. Dirty Dance
12. Fuck That Shit



1. Episode (remix)
2. Aggravated Rasta (remix)
3. Funky Funeral (remix)
4. Thats The Type of Nigga I Am (remix)
5. G-Song
6. Shit Get Wild In The City



1. Tears Came From Making This Dream
2. I Don't Give A Damn
3. Another Hit
4. Street Military (Outro)
5. Don't Play With A Gun
6. Gasta Get Paid
7. Dead In A Year

Saturday, August 18, 2007

4 DEEP - Whats Really Goin On

-Track List-

1. Take that (Remix)
2. Up 2 No Good
3. Rollin 4 Deep (Remix)
4. U Got Play'd
5. Doin Bad, Goin Bad (Remix)
6. Another Day
7. What Type Of Lover? (skit)
8. ButtNakedLover (Remix)
9. Guess Who's Coming
10. Same O.G's
11. Nasty
12. Down Ass Hoe
13. I Don't Luv Ya! (Remix)
14. On Tha Cool
15. Too Late (skit)
16. True Blue Brother (Radio Version)
17. How We Funk

4 DEEP - Another Day In The Jungle

Big Boss’s first group was O.G Style and 4 DEEP was the second, linking up with Koo-Rod & Klas-1 they brung some H-Town classics. 4 Deep Released their first album called 'Another Day In The Jungle' on Ichiban Records in 1993. 'What’s Really Goin’ On?' came a year after that. Their second release 'What’s Really Goin’ On?' has some remix cuts from the first album, and a few new recordings. When I say remixed, they completely re-did the tracks with a harder sound. The track “Rollin’ 4 Deep” gained it’s share of fame popping up on various screw tapes, and while it set a standard as content, the production on that track was more mellow than the rest of the album. On the rest of the C.d, Big Boss explores the darker side of his production, making some hardcore heavy gangsta shit. Unfortunately Big Boss died from Kidney Failure back in 2006. Rest In Peace to one of the pioneers from Houston Texas.

-Track List-

1. Intro
2. Another Day In The Jungle
3. Doin Bad, Goin Bad
4. Can't Turn Back
5. Take That
6. Ain't No Luv
7. Ho
8. I Don't Luv Ya
9. Takin No Bull
10. Re-Intro
11. Bring Yo....
12. Up 2 No Good
13. What I Do?
14. Rollin For Deep
15. U Got Play'd
16. skit
17. Buck Naked Lover
18. True Blue Brother (uncut)
19. Real

Monday, August 6, 2007


We all gotta psycho lurking beneath the surface...some more than others....back in the days I almost killed a few people because of the voices in my head....but the medication took care of all that....or has it?....we've all contemplated revenge and ruthless acts....fantasized about slaughtering some cunt who stabbed us in the back....but how many of us would act on that impulse?....what would make us lose that final strand of sanity and flip out?....this ones dedicated to all the people out there sick of the horse shit society forks onto ya plate...had enough of waiting in the que at McDonalds for some cheese burger that's probably been spat on?.....this ones for a mental release....a vice to vent ya frustrations on....I'm not telling ya to go out and massacre an orgy of people....this shits to ease some of that hear a lyrical murder from a third person perspective without being involved in the plot....this mix is not to approve of violence...but to show it's darkest side...

-Track List-

1. What Is Evil? - (intro)
2. Mind of A Lunatic - Geto Boys
3. Ghost In The Machine - Q Strange, Nexus Revalation
4. Killa Within Me - BlackJack
5. Dead Body Disposal - Necro
6. Psycho - Ganksta NIP
7. Murder Avenue - BushWick Bill
8. Diary Of Killa - Insane Poetry
9. Straight Jacket - Kool G Rap
10. Diary Of A Madman - Grave Diggaz
11. Morbid Lullabies - Q Strange
12. Trapped In A Psycho's Body - Tech N9ne
13. KKKill The Fetus - Esham
14. Pulse Of The Rhyme - Ice T
15. Die, 1 by 1 - Brotha Lynch
16. Grievous Bodily Harm - Dyad Souls
17. Psycho's Anthem (Outro)
18. Sorry Louie - Eazy E

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Put this up as a request, But have to give full credit to Bullant n Emvee (from Streets on Beats) for hookin me up with this classic album. Insane Poetry have been making intense, horror-core music since the early 90's. Andrew “Drew” Holiman, better known as Cyco and his mate Madman formed a group and developed a style of horror-influenced hip-hop that they termed it the Terrifying Style, years later it would become better known as horror core. After high school, Cyco (then known as Drew-Rock) landed a job as a DJ with the legendary Los Angeles-based hip-hop radio station KDAY (1580 AM). While at KDAY, he began to develop his lyrical skills and eventually was introduced to DJ Streek and Shakespear the One-Man Riot to form the hip-hop group Insane Poetry.

-Track List-

1. Intro
2. Wrong Neck Of Da Woodz
3. Who Runs The Mutha Fucka
4. You Better Ask Somebody 96
5. On Deadly Ground
6. Mr. Swine
7. Niggaz Only Live To Die
8. Home Of The Body Bagz
9. Killa Instinct
10. In The Mouth Of Madness
11. 66.6 FM Radio Kill
12. Mirror Mirror
13. How The Wicked Kickit
14. Outro

Friday, July 20, 2007


Some say the good die young....but whether ya good or bad, we all gotta go sometime...
Ever had one of those days where shit just don't seem right? Paranoid about someone you had beef with is out to kill ya? Let's face facts, we all die, some sooner than others. Death is an inedible thing that we can't escape. This mix is for anyone who's ever stepped out that door, Not knowing that if you left 5 minutes earlier, your life could of been snatched by the grim reaper. If we're lucky enough to make it to an old age. That's only because some silly cunt didn't kill us on the way. So enjoy yaself while those hearts are still beating and oxygen still fills those lungs. Because in the end......we've all gotta date with death.

-Track List-

1. Only Fear Of Death - 2Pac
2. Dear Homie - Ice T
3. Eternal Bliss - Q Strange
4. Free - K Rino
5. One Day - Esham
6. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth - Killah Priest
7. Funeral Parlor - NATAS
8. I'm Dead - Scarface
9. You're Nobody Till Somebody kills You - Notorious BIG
10. If I Die 2Night - 2Pac
11. Gotta Be Down 2 Die - 5th Ward Boys
12. No Singin At My Funeral - Esham
13. Suicide - Grave Diggaz (Remix)
14. Till Death Comes - Cypress Hill
15. Death Around The Corner - 2Pac
16. Only God Knows - Bushwick Bill
17. If I Die - Killah Priest
18. Knockin On Heavens Door - Pimpsta
19. Dead Man Walkin - Brotha Lynch Hung

Thursday, July 19, 2007


This is the first release from Natas. These boys are from Detroit. Members - Esham, Mastamind, and TNT, got together and decided to spell Satan backwards and call themselves Natas as a symbol of their hardcore, suicidal, drug related acid rap style. Only in their teens, they release this classic album in 1992 - 'Life After Death', on the 'Reel Life Productions label'.
Rumors around say that people had killed themselves over this album. Brainwashed by the evil Satan lyrics these boys were spittin. I never found myself putting a razor to my wrists or slipping a noose around my neck over some shit a dude said on a song. People have their own problems to deal with already, and music can amplify those problems and influence people to do bad things. But sometimes it's just a convenient excuse to do some fucked up stuff. This album is a winner. Nothin is standard on this c.d, even the sex track 'Spent My Last On A Hoe' has some lines ya wont be expecting. Get stuck into this L.P for something different.

-Track List-

1. Life After Death
2. Did it Like That

3. Dance

4. Toss-Up

5. Bitch Stop Lyin'
6. Bad Guys Never Lose

7. 1 Time 4 Ya Mind

8. Get My Head Together

9. Hell Raiser

10. Bitches On My Mind

11. Mysterious Ways

12. Rock It Deadly

13. Who Am I

14. Spent My Last On A Hoe

15. Bitch you Can't Have Me

16. Home Of The Brave

17. Dirty Mind

18. I Ain't Got Shit 2 Lose

19. In The Name Of RLP

20. Dancin' On Ya Grave

Saturday, July 14, 2007


This mix is dedicated to everyone out there who's ever had to struggle, live thru hard times, survived street life, or had to hustle to make money. Don't matter where ya from or what race ya are. There's danger and depression everywhere. This is for anybody who can relate to pain and problems. We've all had drama. All been down a dark road at some point. Cop this mix and dig into some deep music.

-Track List-

1. Like Yesterday - PSK 13, UGK
2. Doin Bad - K RINO
3. The Next Episode - STREET MILITARY
4. Whats Goin On ? - A-G-2-A-Ke
5. Tell Them Whats Goin On - (real young) Master P
6. Welcome To The Ghetto - SPICE 1
7. Street Life - GETO BOYS
8. Ups & Downs - K RINO
9. Now I Feel Ya - SCARFACE
12. Everyday Struggle - NOTORIOUS BIG
13.What Was I To Do? - CHUNK
14. Da Hood - MENACE CLAN
15. Doin Bad, Goin Bad - 4 DEEP
16. All So Simple - WU TANG CLAN

Thursday, July 12, 2007

UGK - Too Hard To Swallow

Pimp C (Chad Butler) & Bun-B (Bernard Freeman) formed UGK (Underground Kingz) in the late '80s and signed to Jive Records. The Kingz have been laying down their own particular brand of G-crunk for almost 2 decades now. They represent Port Arthur - Texas. UGK's sound is more based on pimps, drugs and Cadillacs, instead of killin people. But they'll always let you know they'll blow ya head off if you mess with em. Featuring a laid-back flow and gangsta lean beats - fans have come to expect something to ride to on each c.d .

-Track List-

  1. "Something Good"(Extended Version) - 5:27
  2. "Use Me Up" - 4:29
  3. "Pocket Full Of Stones"(Original Version) - 6:09
  4. "Short Texas" - 6:18
  5. "Cocaine In The Back Of The Ride" (feat. Mc Jah) - 3:44
  6. "It's Too Hard To Swallow" - 5:19
  7. "Cramping My Style" - 4:45
  8. "Feel Like I'm The One Who's Doin' Dope" - 6:17
  9. "I'm So Bad" - 3:34
  10. "Trill Ass Nigga" - 4:26
  11. "976-Bun B" - 2:48
  12. "Something Good (Pimp C's remix)" - 4:34

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

POINT BLANK - Prone To Bad Dreams

Point Blank is a member of the South Park Coalition. He joined the S.P.C. in 1990. Point Blank has been a solo artist since day one. He released his first c.d "Prone To Bad Dreams" in 1992 on Big Tyme Records. Since then he's dropped 5 more cd's and Blank has been one of the hardest rappers in the click. His other releases are: (Mad At The World, In Tha Do', Bad Newz Travels Fast (The Bull), Jus When You Thought It Was Safe). Point Blank also formed a group called "Wreckless Klan" and then released a self titled c.d under that name. 'The Wreckless Klan" is a collaboration with PSK-13, and Ice Lord. Point Blank is also responsible for releasing the CD "Sentimental Value" by the late DJ Screw. He also started a new label "Wreckless Entertainment." If You've never heard this c.d, it's a classic for your collection. Bringing some of the realest shit you'll ever hear.

-Track List-

1. Point Blank
2. After I Die
3. Cut U 'n' 1/2 (Featuring U.G.K)
4. Life Rep Or Death
5. Straighten It Out

6. Knock Dem Hoes Out The Box
7. Wreckless

8. Bitch Said I Raped Her
9. Prone To Bad Dreams

10. Aggravated (Featuring Lord 3-2, Klondike Kat)

11. Nuttin Ass Bitch (Featuring S.P.C)
12. 86 Dope 86

Monday, July 9, 2007

T.H.C - The Hiphop Collection

First off let me say that I do support the recreational use of a certain mood-altering substance. For me, music has never sounded better when I'm high or drunk. That being said, this compilation of weed-oriented tracks can still be enjoyed sober. I've listened to this CD probably around 30 times and it hasn't lost much (if any) of it's replay value. . . The tracks that I initially liked the first time through, are probably my least favorite now, like the track with SRK and B-Real from Cypress Hill, it's sicc no doubt, but compared to some of the others it's just a little bit simple in production and rhymes. Stand out track for me is "My Favorite Ladies" from MF DOOM. Instead of just rhymin about hittin bongs, he talks about different illicit pharmaceuticals as if they were different "ladies". Some of the other ill tracks include: "High Times," "Puff Puff Pass," "Bomb Tree," and of course "Escape". You'll find a few anthems to blaze up to yaself. So Get a fresh bag of 'A' grade hydro, Pack ya bongs, Roll ya blunts or smoke a pipe, while listening to this dope album.

-Track List-

1. Intro - Lord Sear
2. Bart Burnt - The High & Mighty, prod. by DJ Mighty Mi
3. High Times - Black Moon Feat. Starang, Sean Price & Top Dog, prod. by Da Beatminerz
4. Something About Mary - Serial Rhyme Killers feat. B-Real
5. Sweet Dreams - Intoxicated Demons, prod. by Psycho Les
6. Roll Up - Shabaam Sahdeeq feat. Steele of Smif N Wessun, prod. by Dev One
7. Puff, Puff, Pass - HOM
8. Bomb Trees - Defari, prod. by E-Swift
9. Get Your Head Right - Afu-Ra, prod. by Arabian Knight
10. Sticky Green - The Pharcyde
11. Big Green Buds - Phil Da Agony, Chocolate Tye & J-ro, prod. by E-Swift
12. My Favorite Ladies - MF DOOM, prod. by Prof. Harshkovitz
13. Escape - Ripshop
14. Take A Hit - Lootpack
15. So High - RZA feat. Timbo King, prod. by RZA

Sunday, July 8, 2007


Khayree, The legend behind Young Black Brotha Records brings out his own compilation. Ever since he produced Mac Dre's album "Young Black Brotha" and Ray Luv's "Get my money on" in 1993 on Strictly Buisness Records, the man has proved to be one of the greatest producers in rap and RnB together. It 's been that way ever since 1993, and it showed on all those Young Black Brotha Records classic albums by Ray Luv, Mac Mall, Young Lay and Dubee. This album was released in 1997. With the trademark Khayree production. It's a mix of rap and some RnB. The bigger names on the album are : Mac Dre, Dubee, Big Syke (from Thug Life), Ray Luv, JT The Bigga Figga and Sleep Dank. The rest of the performers on the album are all rappers and singers from YBB Records. Everyone does a good job, including the young and unknown artists. Khayree sings on a few of the songs. The best track (in my opinion) is number 10, someone says to Khayree "I don't think you do gangsta shit any more". And then - Khayree drops one of the hardest and darkest beats in his career, and Big Syke just rips the track up with his vicious flows and lyrics. All songs are made by Khayree, So ya get to hear his versatile skills with production. More than half the lyrics are co-written by him too.

-Track List-

1. Welcome To The Blackalation (intro)
2. Mista Mista Dopeman - Big Syke
3. The World Is Yours - Sleep Dank, Alf & Young Dre
4. Back 2 My Mission - Mac Dre
5. Slow Ya Role - T.G.N.N.Y
6. It's Alright - Ray Luv & the Link Crew
7. Elevate Your Game - J.T The Bigga Figga, Jabbari, Dubee, Dosha
8. All We Do - The Confident One
9. Thangs You Do - Problem Child & Shima
10. Pass Days - Big Syke
11. It's Rainin Game - Mac Dre & Ferg
12. Ah Little Something - Shima
13. Livin That Life - Mac Dre
14. Clap To This - T.G.N.N.Y
15. Black Man's Prayer - Anthony A.K King
16. I Lose Control - Anthony A.K King

Black Market Records - No Face Killaz

-Track List-

1. The Last Ride (intro)
2. No Face Killaz - Cevan , Triple Beam, Cokaine
3. Can't Have It - Brotha Lynch Hung, Kronik
4. Luvin Our Surroundins - Triple Beam, P.C.O
5. I know Where You Sleep - Triple Beam
6. Day One - P.C.O
7. Moma Said - Gangsta Dre, Jayda
8. The Spoils - Locc 2 Da Brain
9. Till My Casket Drops - Homicide, Coughnut
10. We No Face Killaz - ODC
11. Paper Route - Black Rhino, B-Legit
12. We Want The Funk - Mac Shawn , Celly Cell
13. Mortuate - Slick The Pale Pimp
14. One More - Playas Makin Papa
15. Critical Thinkn - Young Droop
16. I Love My Skrilla - Mo'Ka
17. It's Tha Mobb - The Mobb
18. R U A Killa - Cevan
19. Use Yo Nine - Nefarious
20. Dedicated - Locc 2 Da Brain

Black Market Records - Compilation

Black Market Records has released some of the siccest rappers to ever rip a mic. From Brotha Lynch Hung, X-Raided, Doomsday Productions, Mr. Doctor, Cold World Hustlers, Homicide, to newer artists like P.C.O (Paper Chasing Organization), Triple Beam and Non Fiction, plus a shit load more. This album has a few tracks of that siccness you'd expect from Black Market. Plus some remixes of old tracks

-Track List-

1. Drama (Ntro)
2. Refuse 2 Looze - Brotha Lynch Hung
3. Black market - Doomsday Productions
4. 40 oz & Chronic - Mr. Doctor
5. What is Ndo? (skit)
6. Wanna Get High - Lunasicc
7. Had 2 Gat Ya - Brotha Lynch hung
8. Dhog House - Homicide
9. That Sickness - X Raided
10. He Heard Lynch (skit)
11. Locc 2 Da Brain - Locc 2 Da Brain
12. Taste Da Hate - Cold World Hustlers
13. Wit A Mask On - X Raided
14. Bloccstyle (Remix) - Mr Doctor
15. 24 Deep (Remix) - Brotha Lynch Hung
16. Everyday Thang (Remix) - Cold World Hustlers
17. Crack Not Murder (skit)
18. Still Shooting - X Raided
19. Watch Your Back - Homicide

Friday, July 6, 2007

Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagonecologyst

In this album (produced by Dan the Automator), Kool Keith changes his name to Dr. Octagon. This album is full of bizarre lyrics and is filled with electronic and trippy beats. A crazy album from a crazy MC (who's spent time in a mental asylum). If ya after something different, then this albums got some weird shit for ya.

-Track List-

1. Intro
2. 3000
3. I Got To Tell You
4. Earth People
5. No Awareness
6. Real Raw
7. General Hospital
8. Blue Flowers
9. Technical Difficulties
10. A Visit To The Gynecologyst
11. Bear Witness
12. Dr.Octagon
13. Girl Let Me Touch You
14. I'm Destructive
15. Wild And Crazy
16. Elective Surgery
17. Half-Shark-Alligator-Half-Man
18. Blues Flowers Revisited
19. Waiting List
20. 1977